Saturday, November 24, 2012

I am a senior citizen. I know a lot of us. Most of the ones I talk to miss their parents. I don't. They were wonderful, but I don't.

I miss some of the times we had. I can't convert it. I was 19 when my dad died, and I have had 50 years to assimilate it. I believe I have. I miss him at Christmas, because he loved it and worked hard at it. Since he died, there has been just me.

Mother. She had Alzheimers so early. Died so soon. Old school friends with their memories of her vivid, loving, passionate teacher self have restored her to me a great deal. Facebook does bring some joys.

She sent me to Europe for 10 weeks. I can never thank her enough for that.

I don't believe in heaven. I believe God will be with me at my death as my Creator is with me daily. I don't have Great Expectations. So I don't expect to see Mom and Dad in the afterlife. Many do, and please click off. I would never tell this to someone I actually have face time with. No, very few friends know about my blog.

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