Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Deciding to go to the 50th college reunion

It is a bigger surprise to me than the people around me that my fiftieth college reunion is coming up next month.

I did, after all, graduate in 1965. I'm not that bad in math.

I am surprised by so much about aging. A college reunion shouldn't be that much of a surprise.

Looking over the activities, however, I see that there is a bus tour of the campus. No walking tour. Granted, the campus is quite a bit larger, but it is not a large campus, per se. It is prettier--in my day, they didn't water the lawns and the fountain didn't work. (And we are in a drought. Sheesh!)

I graduated from Southern Methodist University with a B.A. in Social Sciences and a B.S. in journalism. There were a plethora of courses that didn't count except as extra credits, and I'm glad I took them. Art history and music appreciation have deepened my appreciation of the world around me through the years. I took extra history courses, too. I figured if I wanted to write for a living, I had better learn as much as I could about as many subjects as I could master. That enriched my life, and it probably helped professionally here and there.

While I still like to see and do new things, my body has betrayed me in some ways. My eyes are distinctly less acute. I haven't driven in Dallas traffic in some years. I wouldn't be attending any of the reunion if a former college roommate hadn't called and offered to take me in with her and her husband if I can get to their home in a nearby suburb. Even that will be difficult, but I think I will go to the one luncheon on Saturday. Friday would involve too many arrangements with other people. Friday also includes a free tour of the Bush Presidential Museum. I am the only one I know who has no interest in seeing it, much as I love museums.

Another roommate and her husband will also attend, and I just realized they have been married 52 years. I was in her wedding. She was in mine. Wow! Brenda and Bill, who offered the ride, are near 50 years, if not there yet. They have all done well in their lives, been productive and even adventurous--Brenda and Bill moved to Japan for 10 years, where he was a high school band director. No, not on an American base, but in a Japanese school. I've stayed in the Dallas Metroplex, and it is true I have had three careers. I was married for 16 years. I always chose professional work that really interested me. None of it paid particularly well.


I really don't have anything to wear. And I need shoes. And a new purse. I was going to get all of this for a vacation in Oregon in June. The clothes may be a little fancier than what I will wear to hike mountain trails. Nevertheless. I won't be buying heels. I threw all mine away the day after retirement. I have not regretted it.

I think if I were going to display me, I would stay home. It is worth going, however, to go and see who I remember. Names I haven't thought of in years will have lives I will love to hear about.

My hosts will bring me back to my car--or I may take light rail there, depending on the schedule. They will go back for the evening dinner dance. I will come home, put my feet up, and relax as I remember my small adventure.

All an adventure takes is an attitude of expectation. It should be fun. After all, I really don't think I will be attending the Diamond Jubilee. Some of us probably will.