Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Texans aren't big on education or constitutional law. Some, however, master Surly when they can't spell it and don't know what it means

I am pretty sure Mississippi rates lowest in state support of education. I haven't looked recently but Texas hovers around 48 or 49. We have been there a long time. Texans didn't even protest much when the state really slashed state support of schools, colleges and universities two years ago. Stellar education programs getting national attention are gone. No money. As I say: No one got particularly upset.

Not in Texas.

Now some have to go and prove how dumb we are.

I'm referring to the petition to secede. Some people signing the darned thing actually believe Texas can. Some are just mad. I don't think this is for fun. I don't think humor is involved.

It is embarrassing, is what it is.

I bet I know some of the people who signed it. Believe me, I don't want to know.

I don't expect I have so many years left, and I expect to see the red state turn purple before I die. Once blue (conservative, but blue), a long time red, now blue is creeping up again. Is it Horrors! or Hooray?

Actually, Texas CAN secede if the other states vote to let us go. I hope they won't. We do, after all, have oil, gas and Shiner Boch.

Maybe folks think if we rapidly became a third world country, which we would, we could benefit from foreign aid from the remaining United States.I would like to think that some are actually crafty enough to work this angle.

I seriously suspect they are not smart enough.

I hear some aren't even from Texas. See?

Dumb idea.

Mean, though.

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