Sunday, May 25, 2014

How high's the water, mama? Two feet high and sinking.

I just lost a post because I tried to erase something. I cannot find the page that shows my drafts. I will write as much as I can, because I'm a writer, and writers write. And I will continue to write about the upbeat and pleasant parts of being alive. But  being happy doesn't mean lala land. Being happy often includes confronting something that needs to change, and working to make the change.

I will be writing a lot the next few months about some important changes in Texas that the general public is having a huge problem comprehending. So are a lot of politicians.

Parts of Texas are running out of water.

It is not helped with the continual influx of new residents from states where  water is plentiful. But a lot of Texans are wasteful, too.

We can survive, and do so pretty gracefully, if we accept the limited resources and learn some new ways of using it.  Supposedly, at least one more reservoir is in the works. That won't fix it, but it will help.

So far. we have had the fourth driest year since record keeping began in the 1880s. That's pretty dry.

The city manager at Wichita Falls, facing the dismal levels of the lakes furnishing water to that small city, has announced that technology has advanced far enough that later this year, they will be able to recycle their waste water for washing and drinking. He said a lot of other places are watching to see how they will do. People keep talking about the ick factor because they just can't understand there's no more water otherwise.

Texas has about 90 other communities facing the possibility of water loss over the next year. They came close in 2011 as well, but 2012 wasn't as dry. Last year was low-moderate. We'll see.

A lot of Texas has Level 3 water restrictions where you can water outside twice a month. The  water commission that controls much of the northeast quarter of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex announced at a meeting this week that without more rain this summer (not a likelihood of that), they will go to Level 4 restrictions in the fall. Water outside once a month. And yes. that will kill grass, flowers, probably some trees. Not to mention the livelihood of landscapers, plant nursery owners and swimming pool builders.

Life keeps changing, and people keep adapting.

Humans like to think we are the smartest animals, and we have done some neat stuff along with the appalling choices.

I suspect  a lot of what we have done simply comes down to the biggest ego of all the species and oh, yes, opposable thumbs.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Once More Into The Fray

Hmmm. When Matt G. did this, I could see previous drafts. And I have just a few unposted ones.

You know how when you've been burned touching the stove a number of times, you don't want to touch the stove?  or maybe not even cook?

That's how I feel today.

Hopeful,  sorta like being 9 years old and hoping Santa comes, but knowing your folks don't have the money.

But to quote some successful people, "It doesn't matter how many times you fall down, it matters how many times you get up. (even if you need a geek son on speed dial to do it.)"

I attended a library board meeting last night and had to park way down at the end of the lot by the dumpsters, because all the parking spaces were taken by parents and kids attending the two baseball games in the athletic fields behind the library.  I had to laugh to myself.

I conscientiously guided my sons into soccer. I didn't WANT to watch baseball. ;Ever. I realize that is a character flaw. I didn't encourage their love of  high level jazz (they found that on their own) or opera, either.

The people at those games want their children to be good students, but I bet seeing their children sit around reading books would make them nervous.

I will never be a techno-geek.Some of that technology feels a little too much like watching baseball. But I am a proud geek in my way. We've always been around, in every generation.

Geek is just the present word I know.

You youngers probably have another word by now I will learn in a few years.

Let's see if this posts. 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Try, Try, try again.

I am  technically not equipped to fix glitches on my computer and blog. I have had some help and at least 3-4 persons I know  "fix" this, and none have. Blogger tech also has weighed in. So far, every time I get a screen like this, it disintegrates when I try to post.

This is a test. I have so many thoughts to share....hope this post works out.