Thursday, February 27, 2014

Monday, February 3, 2014

Viewing from the Periphery

I am not decrepit, or ignorant, or antiestablishment.

But I didn't understand a lot of the Super Bowl ads, and a lot bored me. Like the cars. Honey, I owned a 1965 Sting Ray Corvette, and it was fine.  Driving to El Paso from Fort Worth was easy. Early. Fun.

But transcendal? Do you really have a life?

Cars do bore me.

And we need something to replace the dinosaur grease, which I was told it was back in the 50s.

Years ago, I used to read a medical magazine with a wonderfully-respected Dr. Alvarez who some old farts will remember. Not many.

I don't know who created this quote, but Dr. Alvarez  repeated it weekly:"Half of what you think you know is not true. The problem is, you never know what half."

He aimed this at his colleagues in medicine. I think it is true of all our certainties...except one.

Real love is true, and we don't see it much, so a lot of us expect the true. But that is better than that loving and caring do not exist, because they do.

Back to the Super Bowl ads. The Dorito ad where the sister rides the dog to rope the Doritos made me laugh.

The puppy and  draft horses ad for Budwiser made me tear.

As did the Coke ad having ethnicities all over the US  sing in their language "America the Beautiful" I loved it. Easterners created this. I knew this would be trouble. But I teared and sang along..