Saturday, December 17, 2011

All I Want for Christmas is a New Left Knee

Shortly after my last post, I answered my phone to have a woman with an Indian or Pakistani accent tell me she was from Microsoft and there was a problem with my system.

I know just enough to be very stupid. It took her an hour and a half, but she finally guided me to a site where, once I willingly gave her a customer id number, she and her cohorts were able to take over my computer in the night. Microsoft is aware of the problem and on their IT chat site specifically lists the site I was guided to.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

So we unplugged my machine, and things in both my son's and my households have been a little busy lately. A friend who has worked in IT (she also can cook a mean venison roast and plays the piano for church beautifully) came over, cleaned me up and put in the recovery disc to have me up and running again.

sigh. As soon as they sell their house, and it's looking promising, they will move to California to be near grandkids. We'll wave and post pictures on Facebook, but it won't be the same. Her nickname among our friends is Wonder Woman.

She'll be at the hospital next Wednesday as well to spend the day with me after I get my left knee replaced. Yep, I got clearance and I'm going in before Christmas so I can boss my hapless grandchildren around the second week of school vacation to fetch and carry for me. Doctor says I should be home Friday. the 23rd. I didn't realize how many of us "seniors" stampede for the hospitals in December when our deductible is all paid up, but apparently I wasn't the only one to think of it.

The doctor has warned me all knee operations aren't the same and this might not go as well as the first. I agree. But it IS the season of miracles, and the knee really has to be done sometime, anyway. This time, I know how to lift the leg into bed, I know the exercises, and I already have a strong right leg. We all figure I can take my walker and walk over to Matt's house for Christmas dinner and I need to walk, anyway. And I'll get the rebaked potato casserole made in time to freeze it for Christmas Day. Not that my daughter-in-law's wouldn't be better; it's just a tradition we've fallen into, and I'd like to do something.(I HAVE bought plenty of black olives, green olives, pickled okra and cranberry sauce)

My friend Nancy and I ended with 11 for Thanksgiving. I took a piece of turkey over to the cat I was minding for some friends, and they said he wasn't even mad at them when they returned. It was good turkey.

Thanks to a strong right knee, I was able to attend the Caravaggio exhibit at the Kimbell Museum in Fort worth and also spend time at the Amon Carter Museum nearby. I was exhausted, but happy. Before new knee, I couldn't have gone at all.

Knee surgery has got to be the most popular surgery in the world. This summer when I went to the store in shorts, my pink scar showing, people would walk up to me, faces alight, to share their own transforming experiences. The improved knees allow increased activity. The activity is a huge reason many are living so much longer.

I will try to post again a time or two, but it will be difficult before Christmas. In the meantime, any suggestions for tree decorations that represent different faiths? I bought some six-pointed stars last year and have decided they are my first step towards a truly ecumenical tree.

Suggestions are welcome. Meantime, Merry Christmas, and Masel tov.