Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I Hate Rick Perry.

So many good things are going on. So many bad things as well. It is a busy world, and sometimes it is our mood that focuses what we see. Oh, yes. Opinion makes such a difference.

I am watching, and I am expecting the state legislature to pass the punitive abortion bill, which means more work in the years ahead. What frustrates me so is that so many people who are pro-life see abortion as murder, can't imagine any other interpretation and use their devout belief and lack of imagination to say banning abortion is the only, holy way.

 I do not agree.

I once attended an ethics class at a medical university to write about it. The class included doctors, ministers, and nurses. The class dissected the ethics of each profession. Sometimes, they disagreed. That was valuable to know. This is not situational ethics. It is the imperatives of the profession.

When the discussion concluded, the Roman Catholic priest said that his faith and his values had not changed, but he now realized those who are pro-choice honestly have a different belief system. He hadn't believed it could be possible. He thought people who were pro-abortion were okay with murder. He learned we don't think it is murder at all. He doesn't agree, but , he said, he was surprised to understand a different viewpoint legitimately existed. It didn't change his viewpoint, but finally, he saw it.

He saw that for some, abortion is a legitimate option, whether or not he agrees.

Texas Sen. Judith Zaffarini in Texas is pro-life, but helped in the recent filibuster because she believes in choice.

The vote is coming up again. Women are not going to have many options.

The state is trying to ban Planned Parenthood  even at clinics that offer only birth control.  That is being challenged. Supposedly we have plenty of low cost birth control pill options. Have no idea where they are. Rick Perry has already referred to State Sen. Wendy Davis as a single teenage woman, saying she and her child  succeeded, so others can. That's just.....

I am so tired of this.

I live in Texas. If you are sick, need meds, have children and low income, are old and need help, please don't come here. Some of you will end in a  park with a tent. The rest of you--God help you.


Amanda said...

Wendy Davis is an amazing woman, and Rick Perry is a disgusting parody of a real man.

Bless you and those in your state. Although with Rick Scott over here in Florida I don't have much to cheer about either.

charlotte g said...

Thanks for your comment. Yes, you have your problems, too. And you have giant pythons. We just have grasshoppers and fire ants.