Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dogs, summer and airconditioning

Brody has the cone another week. Also steroids, antihistamines. He is battering his cone into strange shapes. Today I took Gracie for a nail clip and hadn't walked her in a while. Used to a lot. What a difference in  leash management!
. I haven't taken Brody nearly enough. Both have lost weight. Considering the  amount of hair on my floors, I don't think it is food deprivation.

Mama needs to boss more. Brody is getting all his meds.

Heat creeping up again. Still won't get out of mid-90s this week  . A July that Texas residents will brag about forever. Sorry, East Coast. That's sincere. A lot of you don't have air-conditioning. See why we like it so much?


J.R.Shirley said...

AC wasn't a necessity in Washington State, but MD? Oh, yeah.

Unknown said...

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