Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dog recovery

Brody is doing well, overall. He still runs into walls and doors, but MUCH less. He now is fighting his eye drops. I guess they sting a bit. He does get them!

Gracie, my  other dog, is better reconciled. She still thinks anyone with a cone on his head is trash. Wait till her turn comes. She is subdued when I scold her.

Brody's eye looks better, anyway.
 When I find the human syncronym, I will write. Not here yet.

I just made up that word, which may exist anyhow. Syncronym. Don't we know a lot of them?

Back to Brody. He adjusting to the cone but doesn't understand why and just trusts me. That hurts, somewhere in me, even while he is making his treatment easier. He still needs help to eat, if not drink. I'm still feeding his supper. Babies need more care, but also just as ignorant. I have deep love for the  unenfranchised, which babies and the poor, and the critters, know always.

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