Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Whole Civilizations Depend on This

It is noon. So far today I have prepared my tax records for the accountant, done a load of wash, thoroughly cleaned the clutter from two rooms, and done some constructive play with the dogs. I've looked up a couple of big breakfast casseroles I might make for the Easter brunch between services at church.

What I have not done, planned to do, dreaded to do, and ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT DO TODAY, is wash the dogs. They need it. They smell like dirty dogs.I know that if I wash even one of them in the bathroom with a large shower and no bathtub, I will need a bucket of warm water to augment the shower. They will not like it. If I am lucky, I will get at least one dog rinsed of soap with clean warm water before he or she lunges seriously enough to knock the bucket over. They are Corgis, which means I may be successful if I close the door and take plenty of dog treats.

I know that will mean mopping furiously and cleaning the floor which, after all, can use it. I am working hard on not cussing. This will test my vocabulary severely. I just, absolutely don't want to wash those dogs. Today.

What do I call my efforts so far today?

Well, I've decided it is Productive Procrastination.

I have been productive while avoiding the one task I don't want to do. So--productive procrastination.

Procrastination means at some point I have to do it. Hmm. I've been planning to clean out the dresser drawers for months now. (I haven't done so in years, but it just recently caught my attention.) That would take another day, combined with meetings and gardening and such.

It's such a lovely thought. But the dogs really do need those baths.

I'll think about that tomorrow.

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