Thursday, March 8, 2012

When the forecast said "take jacket" I listened

Don't you just hate it sometimes when the weather forecast is correct?

We have been having this really nice weather. It was 70 this morning, but, the forecast went, by afternoon it would be down to 50 with 50 mph gusts. Maybe some hail. Intermittent rain.

So when I left about 10:30 am for my doctor's visit to deal with allergies (there are some downsides to this lovely weather so early), I wore a longsleeved shirt and carried a hoodie. The front was nosing in a bit early.

By the time I got outside again, it had rained, the temperature was 50, and here were those pushy wind gusts. I was super grateful for my foresight to bring a jacket. Fierce winds in the spring are good--they finish fraling the trees of dead leaves and twigs and get ready for new growth.

My doctor is thorough--that's why I chose her. She decided to check for strep and a test done in office indicated I have that, too. Not for long, though. I've already taken the antibiotic and will no longer be contagious tomorrow.

Son was off work today and picked up the granddaughter--now we know I'm contagious, no need to expose her further. I'll be safe to resume pickup tomorrow.

We are all crossing our fingers, because the fruit trees are blooming, and March so often lobs one last nasty freeze night at us. Drought and heat killed the fruit last year. We all are ready for some homegrown peaches, blackberries, and more recently, blueberries. They like Texas just fine. Who knew? Not quite as big on average, but fresh, ripe blueberries are a winner every time. We have several pick your own farms around.

Meantime, my neighbor has a peach tree in full bloom with blue iris blooming nearby on emerald green grass. A pretty picture I will remember.

We should get a little more rain out of this. Fill up those lakes a little more. Two-fifths of Texas are still in extreme drought, but around here, for now, life is good.
A little more rain, followed, I hope, by some Parker County peaches come July.

Yessir, I like the sound of that.

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