Thursday, February 27, 2014

Monday, February 3, 2014

Viewing from the Periphery

I am not decrepit, or ignorant, or antiestablishment.

But I didn't understand a lot of the Super Bowl ads, and a lot bored me. Like the cars. Honey, I owned a 1965 Sting Ray Corvette, and it was fine.  Driving to El Paso from Fort Worth was easy. Early. Fun.

But transcendal? Do you really have a life?

Cars do bore me.

And we need something to replace the dinosaur grease, which I was told it was back in the 50s.

Years ago, I used to read a medical magazine with a wonderfully-respected Dr. Alvarez who some old farts will remember. Not many.

I don't know who created this quote, but Dr. Alvarez  repeated it weekly:"Half of what you think you know is not true. The problem is, you never know what half."

He aimed this at his colleagues in medicine. I think it is true of all our certainties...except one.

Real love is true, and we don't see it much, so a lot of us expect the true. But that is better than that loving and caring do not exist, because they do.

Back to the Super Bowl ads. The Dorito ad where the sister rides the dog to rope the Doritos made me laugh.

The puppy and  draft horses ad for Budwiser made me tear.

As did the Coke ad having ethnicities all over the US  sing in their language "America the Beautiful" I loved it. Easterners created this. I knew this would be trouble. But I teared and sang along..

Monday, January 27, 2014

Dying by Unknown Assailants--What do we call it?

This is not mine to decide. I am still thinking.

The question?

When is it murder, mass murder, or assassination? What importance must we have to be assassinated instead of murdered? What words do we have? How do we honor them?

It is a really good question.

When we are killed violently by persons we do not even know? What do we call it?

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Visceral Music both Great and from Family

See, we don't look forward enough.
But sometimes, wonderful happens, and it happens to someone in your family.

Not only is the experience wonderful, but knowing your kid is part of it is ...transcendent.

Never in my life had I expected to be standing and clapping with cheering, sometimes crying parents, teachers, friends, siblings...and old grandparent farts like me.

I don't call it crying when beauty is involved--just overflowing from beauty.

My granddaughter was part of the music. She made it happen. I didn't know she could do that, or that the rest of them could.

A concert. Of the best in many, many counties.

It was beyond good.

Details? In this part of Texas it was the Regional Concert. Only most had qualified for Area, the next step up, and 13 of those had made All State. In Texas. That's a bigger deal than usual. Texas is bigger than most countries. Texas is huge. Getting All State? Big deal.

No, granddaughter didn't get that. She's a sophomore. And she's good. And she was a part of this symphonic band.  Wow.

I didn't know kids could play this well. Their conductor also is a composer who recently was asked to write the commemoration for New Town Sandy Hook School tragedy, and I have read about it.

He chose two pieces from other composers, two from his compositions. One was a commemoration for a happy two-year-old who died in a freak accident. He called it "Mountain Thyme", and my granddaughter said he and many of the band cried as they played it.

The last was a composition for the Calgary Stampede--full of fire and explosive emotion.

The band was so damn good. I wasn't expecting them to be so good. They got a standing ovation. I have loved my granddaughters. They are stellar. I didn't ever see this heartfelt standing ovation coming.

And I thought, "What other wonderful things will happen that I haven't imagined?"

And I clapped even harder.

Monday, January 13, 2014

New year, new expectations

It is a new year.  I asked someone recently which came first: man's concept of time, or immortality?

Time must have come first.  Interesting to imagine or know how that developed.

I have a list of stuff to do this week. On Monday, I am already way behind. But I have six more days.

I used to be a list person. I still am.

I just don't always get it done on the day I scheduled. Maybe, as I keep this going, I will get back to being on time.

So far, to the gym twice, once to sing. Good. Now do more. Yes, I hope to lose weight, too, but I targeted the two areas of well-being I wasn't attending. Figure if I've got these two going, I will be more active, eat better, and get healthier. Weight comes off when it comes off. Sure will be happy when it does.

A whole, new, 12-month year. What a treasure.

I've written down stuff to do. Maybe I need to write down goals. Just writing it down and getting some of it done covers most of it.

But I wouldn't mind the applause when I lose the first 5 pounds.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Highs and Lows of the Corgi breed and halfbreeds

I haven't posted about my beautiful Corgi, Gracie, in some time. She is affectionate, smart, and mostly obedient. My living room again has no rug because when I am around, she and Brody don't pee on it. They know better. I let them out, at most, 6 hours apart. Usually 3.

I have found evidence they matriculated on the rug minutes after I let them out for 20 minutes.

Gracie ate a saucer-size hole in one of my newer, best shortsleeved shirts. I think I must have spilled something on it, but I'm not sure I believe it. Gracie eats dense fabric. I've thrown away two duvets she chewed. My new sheets, my new blanket, all have holes.

She is so loving, so funny, so playful. I suspect I don't give her enough stimulation, but. How do I make her stop? unknown. How do I stop the barking when someone--erase that. How do I give her a command she will follow not to bark? Or lick.? I walk around with dog slobber on my skin all the time.

Not to mention Brody, my half-Corgi with the beautiful tail. The barking and licking and following on a lead are his problems.

I have a friend with an affinity for animals, and she is learning to train dogs. Mine already love her. Today she took Gracie for her first decorum. lesson. I will practice what she teaches, then the three of us will teach Brody.

I did go back to the gym today. Brody may be 30 pounds, but half his heritage could stand his ground, turn a charging bull around, and nip its heels back to the herd. He is one STUBBORN dog. He is amazingly strong.

He still challenges me as alpha but I mostly win. He and Gracie are now friends--except on my bed, they don't clump. And except when it is 11 degrees, I don't let them.

Lord, they do damage.

Boy, are they loving family.

My dogs and me, a work in progress.