Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fitting a Second Dog into the Family

First week complete with two dogs, one socialized, one not. Both high energy. Both used to being the only. And the unsocialized also was not well housebroken but was the older.

Brody supposedly is half Corgi and half dachshund, so why are his legs longer than my obvious fullbred Corgi? He is bigger and heavier. More narrow. I think Gracie is going to be rather a small Corgi, though I find her beautiful with her golden, heavy coat and shawl of white hair. Brody shares a white chest as if he is wearing a jacket with the tie on backwards--he has an exclamation point of white at the neck and is a golden brown.

I've read, but I've also listened to the dogs. I am Alpha Mama I. Lord, when I change rooms, all three of us move along. In four days, although Brody had always slept on the bed with his master, the dog had learned to stay off the bed and sleep in his own. This is without any restraints. He's smart. I am suspicious he takes naps on my bed when I am out of the house, but can't prove it.

He is such a sweet, total hound. I had trouble at first because Gracie performs certain tasks for treats, and Brody only got the idea:treats! and lunged for them like a reveler for a Mardi Gras necklace. Gracie and I both kind of stumbled under the onslaught. I've been working a little with him on sit-stay-come, and he's starting to get his own treats. He is now more tolerant of hers.

I just took a break and sent both outside--both with treats for going. Brody no longer tries--very hard, at least--to get Gracie's. Usually I rotate it so they are together about 1/3 time, and each is alone with me 1/3 time when I am home. Sometimes when I am gone I leave one out, one in. Brody hasn't pooped in the house in six days, but I will be grateful when he learns it's not the deck but the grass we are aiming for. Still. He grew up with outside being a concrete patio. He's doing marvelously.

Youngest granddaughter took both for runs on leashes today. She rode her scooter and the dogs pulled. Boy, they all had fun!. She took the dogs separately. Brody still needs some skills, but he's gaining fast.

While I was out and both dogs were in recently, I came home to find all the rugs askew, and also that Brody and Gracie had learned to play tug with her rope.


We are making a dog/human family. Do Gracie and I relish our alone time together? Yes. Is he a lot of trouble and am I doing a lot of work I didn't plan to do? Indubitably. Is it exhausting? Yes.

Would I do it again?

Oh, yeh.


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