Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dogs as children

What is it about being with the "master"?

I let the dogs out early today, it is warm (currently 75; then about 58).Left them there. Before I let them in, I peeked out the kitchen window. They both were literally lolling on the deck. Gazing. Tongues lolling.

I opened the door. You would think they were waiting for "Hungry Games" tickets. They attacked, sniffed me over for treats then sprang again for the kitchen and water. (Their outside bowl was full.) They began to play. Rugs went awry. Beds moved.Nails clicked on the hardwood.

If they had that much energy, why were they lolling on the deck?

I don't know.

Like all good children, they will be nowhere near as I plant, unless they are in the absolutely most inconvenient spot. Then I will see my dogs, Scout's honor.:)

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