Saturday, March 10, 2012

One and a Half Corgis on My Agenda for Now

I'm sure I will live in a house again. I am sure.

At present I live in a dog kennel.

My younger son moved yesterday, from an apartment where he could keep his dog to an apartment where he can keep his dog when he saves up the deposit.

So Brody is mine for the nonce. Or longer.

He is half-Corgi and the inspiration for my finding Gracie. His half-Corginess means he doesn't have a solid inch of fur like she does which means he doesn't shed as much. My younger son is an introvert and Corgi dogs are extroverts, so Brody is fine with Gracie and me and the yard and meeting my nextdoor neighbor and his dog, Sandals....but I think he is a bit whelmed.

The dogs are beginning to get along. Brody is a year older. As a puppy of 11 months and used to unchallenged princessdom, Gracie is pretty intimidated. Brody, an insecure but friendly unsocialized dog, is enchanted to rule. That is evening out as they get more acquainted. Their play has fewer challenges.They have learned I have two hands and can pet both at once. At once seems to be key.

And, my neighbor and I learned yesterday, that while his larger dog can leap the fence between our properties, neither Brody nor Gracie can. That is going to save time and quite a few dollars.

So basically, I have two dogs who are used to being primary in their owner's life. Fortunately, both are sweet-natured. I think this is going to work.

My rules are working except in one way--I said absolutely no dog on the bed. Gracie sleeps on the floor. When I woke up this morning, Brody was on the bed. I not only lost that battle, I think I've lost that war.

Too bad the weather is warming up. I am actually qualified for a Two Dog Night.
I'll take just one, thank you. That gives me leg room.

All in all, first night went well.


clairz said...

Oh, it's a slippery slope you're on. We started with just one dog, it's true; but the bed was always where we tucked the newest pup. Perhaps I'm really thinking about the slope we've slipped waaay down.

Love the name of that dog, Sandals. Makes me laugh.

charlotte g said...

Claire, you speak with straight tongue. SUCH a slippery slope!