Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Vacation Ruminations

I am on hiatus.

Has anyone ever said that without a cough, chuckle?

I am, with the chuckle. The thing is, I could be making more of my life than I am. I know it.

Right now I prefer to read a few old books, slowly clean my house, and in afternoons, when I know it is more than 100 degrees outside, sprawl and read in the cool of my home as if the heat were attacking me.

I have a couple of unfilled quilts for the bed and have recently learned if I don't add a top sheet, I sleep much better through the night with just one of them. The dogs and I have rules. They can't jump up on the bed till it is daylight. Brody usually sleeps near my left knee, and I find that comforting. Gracie usually doesn't jump up until minutes before we go outside.

They do know the word. "Outside". They thunder to the back door, waiting to be let out.

Sometimes, after they come back in, I sleep another hour, and both dogs sleep on the bed. Gracie usually eases off early. Too warm.

Today, I actually awoke before 8 am, fetched the paper to an encouraging breeze, and started a load of wash, watered the tomatoes, picked up living room, played with the dogs. Still haven't swept up all their hair or set a hair care appointment. I will. It has to be easier than all this hair. For them, too.

Yes, I have a new project. It is not life-threatening so far.

You know, before I had children I actually had a little counseling, because I don't particularly "nest", even now. Wish I could. Because I couldn't do that well, the counselor advised me to postpone children. I did for a while. Thought about it. Married. Had two sons. Made a lot of mistakes. They are all good human beings. Frankly, I don't think any of the mistakes dealt with nesting, particularly.

So, I ask the counselor in retrospect, where did I go wrong? Or did I? Please don't ask anyone with design sense. Chris is related and an artist. She just smiles. And lets me into her family anyway.

Actually, I have a few more life situations with others to help with-- that's what I do, I guess.

These are pretty easy.

There was a time when I noticed mostly my stuff in life. These days, I marvel at my fortune, my health, my family, because I look at so many others.

No, we aren't lightning proof. Never. But a fair number among us know our lives are good for now and we are are really, looking-at-it glad. I give thanks to God, Others simply are thankful. And if lightning hits, we have this base to start from.

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