Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What is the Weather Going To Do? How do I React?

In other parts of the country, California, for instance, or New York. You get weather. You know what you are going to get.

You lucky dogs, you can plan for it.

Texas, not so much. Actually, we have some pretty good technical reasons, but let's skip those.

Two weeks ago, we were supposed to get an ice storm, but a nose of warm air--that's what the weatherman said--prevented it so we got cold, nasty, wet, but no ice.

Being North Texas, we have been in the 70s for three days. Tomorrow, highs in the 30s. And maybe? freezing drizzle.

So maybe we are getting miserable and wet, cold and dry, or cold with glare ice. Take your pick. We are 12 hours out, maybe 16, and no one knows.

Will schools be closed Friday or not? Northerners sneer, but we aren't buying that equipment for what happens every five years on average. Saturday. If we have glare ice and no warm up, do we have our Christmas parade? Dallas has 25,000 people coming in for the marathon Sunday. Will we have it?

I can drive in this stuff, but I don't want to imagine what a fall would do. So my volunteer job on Friday? Will I or won't I make it?

If we get freezing rain, the temperature may not go above 32 degrees for four days.

Can you spell Housebound?

Great minds have considered and do not know.

Absolutely no one knows what is going to happen. We plan for the worst--housebound, and hope for the best.

We don't know. At all.

The last ice storm never happened.

Stay tuned. It won't be disaster footage per se.

Just a lot of people trying to cope with life as it comes.

So far, technology isn't helping all that much.

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