Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Short and Sweet

I never can remember whether it's Google or Yahoo password I use for access to the blog, but I have been "out" so long, the system warns me I will have errors. The explanation given had something to do with a time sequence and made my eyes cross.

Encased in ice for 5 days straight recently, one would assume my house would be sparkling, that I would have spent my time baking goodies for friends and, given the deceptive white stuff covering the ground outside, I might even haul out my tree and decorations.

Nope. I ate, watched television, read a ton of books I had thoughtfully checked out of the library beforehand. (You do your emergency preparations, I'll do mine.)

Tomorrow, I finally will start Christmas shopping. I'm hoping for some good bargains retailers are promising to get us late shoppers in. I don't think anything electronic is on my list. Barnes and Noble, however, features prominently. Maybe Amazon. I have shopped Amazon before, happily. This year everybody says don't use a debit card. Well, I don't have a credit card. Makes me nervous to go online this time. Finally I have a list of sorts. I would think of something, then find someone else in the family had already bought it. Serves me right for being a slowpoke.

This year, I may take in the after-Christmas sales for one or two things, since our family exchange will be New Year's Day.

In my small neighborhood, my granddaughters have friends across the spectrum economically. I think it's pretty great that they all make things for each other--a coffee cup full of hpmemade candies, a clever sketch by the one who's an artist, chocolate dipped pretzels, hair bands--Small tokens, all. It is a pretty large group.

I have a list finally. My shopping style is to go straight to the store or counter in that store where I can buy it, and leave rapidly. Meandering around a store looking for inspiration is not my idea of fun.

I withheld the urge to buy a mega-million lottery ticket, although I had an earworm in my head for a day singing, "If I were a rich (wo)man..."

May we all have laughter and good times with good people of the next 10 days...and then again for every day to come.

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