Thursday, December 5, 2013

Accepting the Inevitable

Well, I missed the 10 pm news and weather. Well, shucks. What does it matter?

Weather? it happens. Is happening, can't stop it, can't change it.

Checked outside. Sleet still shushing down. Temperature still in the 20s.

You Yankees are pretty conservative. Would YOU buy expensive ice moving road machines you used once in two and five to seven years?
Didn't think so. So pardon us while we grind to a halt for 2-4 days, which, by the way, I have noticed icy norms have done time to time to the
East after bad storms.


I am, basically, housebound for four days. I can get in my car and go to the drive-in for a sandwich, but I can't walk on this stuff any more. I still can drive on it.
I no longer want to.

The ice and sleet comes. so many activities cancelled.

My youngest granddaughter's concert was cancelled.

My eldest granddaughter came home early , worried if she will have regional try-outs Saturday. I would bet not.

No school tomorrow.

Fun run Saturday and Christmas parade later. Both cancelled, I expect.

All in all, disappointing.

Not catastrophic, but thank God, they haven't experienced that yet.

This will be the messy Christmas.

I am so thankful for my home, food, dogs, blankets, all of it.
And family next door.
I used to take it for granted.
Now I often deal with those who are homeless.

I know how blessed I am. How rich my life is.

It affects my holiday in ways I didn't expect.

A certain peace. A lot of joy. A lot of smiles for kids and parents and grandparents everywhere.

I have a list I would like, but won't get 1) because I expressed it and it won't be a surprise, and 2) because I think they would like to get me something nicer.

Gracie has eaten most of my terrycloth dish towels and I would like more. Actually, she's chewed on bath towels too, so one or two of those would work--red or blue.

I've never had a to-go cup that didn't come from fast food. Every one I find is $8 and I just can't pay it.

I will bet you I get none of these things.

I will be happy with what I do get. People I love will pick it, and they may pick a joy I haven't noticed. The best?

People I love gave the gifts.

Getting stuff for Christmas doesn't make me happy per se. Even as a kid, I enjoyed them, even delighted in my bicycle and saddle, but over all, enjoyed.

It never seemed the point. I loved decorating the house, the tree, making cookies, helping, wrapping. I loved all of that, I think, more than what I got, much as I enjoyed the books, games, clothes. Were there clothes? My Mon. Yes, there were clothes, probably some I wore through college and into the work place. Mother had great taste. I could show, and feel, pleasure. I just never could get excited about them. Later on, I loved the opal ring, the gold necklace chain.

In 70 years, what Christmas gifts made me cry out in joy? The opal ring, the suede coat, and the cut down saddle. The bicycle didn't create joy because I knew it would be there. It's absence would have caused pain. The dishwasher, installed by my son additionally, was a very sweet surprise. And yet, being with my family as they opened their treats last year, followed by the snow--that was the best Christmas ever.

I guess I have lost the true spirit of the holiday, I said sarcastically.

Getting hugs? Yeah, I like those. Homemade stuff? Pictures? Food? Now you're talking.

I apologize. It's me. I am one-handedly ruining the economy.

I look at all this STUFF and usually just think , "Why?"

Don't book me for your party unless you want, you know, 1850 Prairie style. I can't tat but I might manage a good cake or pie.

Enjoy your holiday. I am enjoying mine. Just quietly.

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