Saturday, December 21, 2013

Holiday Behavior

I love the holiday this year. it all done by Christmas morning for most.

I have another week. Love it!

I am loosening up.

I always wanted Christmas on Christmas Day, at home. No cruises for me. Uh-uh.
Actually, that hasn't changed much. Until this year.

I have the joy of my granddaughters every day. This year, their grandmother in Austin gets the privilege of having them at her tree, her table.
She invited me, but I told her I would do critter duty this year with the cats and chickens. Christmas at Jo's is a wonderful thing. I have loved my holidays there.

I will see my family at New Year's. Hopefully, by then I will have purchas3ed my gifts either at last-minute sales or after-Christmas sales. Without browsing.

I have all the ingredients for stellar black-eyed peas, good luck charms hereabouts. I will have hot cornbread, cold coleslaw, and..maybe other stuff.

I don't have a large family. I suspect that is unusual everywhere. I will be alone on Christmas.

I have sniveled about it before. This year I will celebrate. I will sleep late, fix huevos rancheros for breakfast, feed my grandcats, walk my dogs, read books I have saved for Christmas, and do nothing useful. I also will eat dark chocolate.

A week later, a new year, I will exchange gifts with family.

I understand long-term planning and have done so in the past.
This is shortterm. Very.

The next few days are holiday, meaning time to celebrate. I hope you do, and are happy after as well as before.

Merry Christmas.

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