Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Horatio, more is in your universe than your checkbook ever knew

So many have told me Thanksgiving is their favorite holiday. Good food. Good company. Laughter.

I've heard this from folks in the sunny realms, where often the kids and even we can run around.  I've heard it from persons in the Northeast. We like the break, to breathe, say, "well, that year wasn't so bad,", to hug loved ones.

But the greed digs in. Off at 11 last night? Be back at 5 on Thursday. Big push.

Last weekend, so many communities caved. The Christmas trees are up, the ads are out, only a few companies are really giving their employees time to love, laugh, eat leisurely, bake good stuff, and hug.

Costco didn't cave, nor did Radio Shack. A third I don't remember, and I am sorry. I do know all three make money, some more than others, they treat their employees like human beings, and have high employee satisfaction ratings and little turnover Which is part of why they make money. Experience counts. So does a friendly, not desperate. salesperson.

I have friends who love to shop and will, to my mystification.

Will Thanksgiving become a forgotten meal? I hope not. I think it feeds into the kindness of Christmas.  I know a country that is Christian, Muslim, and many others, and because they have all been taught to care, in December, they go back to their homes and give help. This country has melded the concern, and they do well. I wish my country could do as well.

For the first time this year, Chrismas selling overrode Thanksgiving.

It will be worse next year.

Quality of life? Time for love?

As the JC Penny ad says, "go,go,go, buy, buy, buy."

And you'll be happy.



clairz said...

This year the hysterical advertising seems to have reached a tipping point. I can only hope that the phrase "Black Friday" is as big a turn-off to others as it is to me.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Charlotte! May your day be filled with family and friends and joy and thanks and wonderful aromas from "good stuff" baking.

charlotte g said...

I think I overcooked the baked potatoes for the rebaked casserole, but with all that butter, sour cream and cheddar, I suspect I will be forgiven. These cooking glitches I think are part of the food and the thanks. Neither we nor the food have to be absolutely perfect! May your holiday also be full of being full of, food, laughter, love.