Friday, July 27, 2012

Is It Time For A Central Olympics Center?

The Olympics are starting.

I am a very little bear, so my comments don't matter. I doubt England can surpass China in execution. This is not a bad thing. A lot of personal freedom is involved. China did it better. Maybe. I would rather live in England.

And while I would like to see the Queen opening the games, it is almost grafitti to have the US First Lady on one side and the Loyal Contender for President in America on the other.

Paul McCarney leading all in a singalong of "Hey Jude"? These are young, vibrant athletes here. Isn't that a little, well, doddering?

I am tweeting without an account. So sorry.

And I haven't seen it yet.

Weird there is no tennis, but there is pingpong.

My television is turned on less than 20 hours a week normally, for which I pay more than $60 a month for satellite that doesn't work in a storm. Which news I can get if I BUY a weather radio. And BUY batteries. Renting my HD box and satellite gives me local stations, some junk stations (shopping, etc.) and 4 more. HD has improved the picture. The sound is just as crappy. What's with that?

I will probably have the Olympics on a lot. which means I will miss some of the wins, because my satellite service automatically cuts off after 4 hours on the same station. Twits. I've watched mysteries where it gets to, "the killer is..." and it blacks and I have to reset. Want to bet that will happen on track and field? The crucial gymnastics? The volleyball?

I just have to remember to go over to the remote and flick on another channel from while to while and flick back.

Am I the only one who finds this irritating?

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