Monday, July 30, 2012

August in Texas is HOT! And I Don't Mean Trendy

The thing about August in Texas is that it does pass. Fades in the dust in a rear-view mirror, so to speak.

Right now, though, here it comes. This will be a week of 100-plus days and still a fair amount of humidity. Somehow, it always surprises me. Kinda like a woman in labor with her tenth child and saying in amazement,"Oh! it hurts!"

From September to July, I sorta focus on the fun, the fresh produce, the cooler mornings. I kind of block out the afternoons. By 2 p.m. today, it was 102 and I was out in it unexpectedly for awhile. Didn't have my water bottle with me. Oops. So hot the dogs didn't even slobber but wanted to lick my sweat off (yeah, dogs are nasty like that).

The dogs weren't out that long, but they have found cool places in the house where the vents blow down and are sprawled out, hairy coats wafting gently in the breeze. Usually if I move about, they scramble to go with me. Not today.

This is the week I had --still have?--planned some fairly energetic house cleaning. Things put away, surfaces less cluttered, unwanted items tossed. Old Southwestern trick--bare floors, bare surfaces make everything feel cooler. I can use some of that. Sigh. I'll throw away the toaster I used for years that works, it just doesn't time the toast. If I don't rescue my toast, it is black with smoldering grey smoke. But it works. Yes, I'm tossing it. I have a nice new one that doesn't take up much more room than the old one.

It helps that the chidren's day out program at church is having a garage sale. I think folks all over town are rummaging, saying,"I've been waiting for this." I keep claiming I don't have a lot of worldly goods, but I've got a carful plus half a pickup truck load to give away. Haven't simplified as much as I thought.

Yesterday my granddaughter and her friend put on swimsuits and squirted each other with the hose and ran around, shrieking and laughing. Yep. kids still do that. They like the Water Park, too, but this was impromptu. Also very, very cheap.

Oldest granddaughter is going to Band Camp at Turner Falls, Ok. Funny. I have never been, but my kids and grandkids have ended up there on several group outings. It is really nice when 2-3-4 generations can get together and reminesce about the same summertime fun.

August is a good month for reading on a hot afternoon, cooking as little as possible, and getting in a few sno cones(that's what all the signs say) and good ice cream.
I've survived a slew of them, and always found a few things to enjoy. Today did catch me off guard, though.

"Oh! It's HOT!" I said.

Duh. It's (almost) August in Texas.

Surprise, surprise.

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