Monday, July 16, 2012

The Flavor of Life is Good

I thank God for many things, including living in the Bible belt and belonging to a church.
That means at least once or twice a month, I can make full casseroles or salads or desserts, enjoy seeing some of it devoured, and store some of it to eat later.  I guess I could sign up at the community center and do the same.
I waste food, and it bothers me. I will buy 3-4 nectarines, and by the time I get to Number 4, it's fuzzy. I eat a lot of stale stuff younger people won't eat. Because they eat it up in the first place and work it off.
I  never had a vigorous metabolism. I always needed to eat more broccoli, less corn or potatoes, from birth. That's okay. Because honey, in a famine, we folks will LIVE!  We don't have to eat a lot to survive.
Unfortunately, I've been eating snacks I usually don't for a few months, and I've added 10 pounds I'll admit to. It could be more.
If I want to be healthy into my 70s, and have fun and walk and maybe learn to salsa dance, and  plant gardens, and ...I can't do that fat and useless in my chair. It doesn't help I don't like television and may not be able to see all that well in a decade.
I'm sitting on my well-cussioned behind to write this, but I have a room to redecorate, weeds to pull, dogs to walk, and God help me, at sometime in the short future, granddaughters to take to the mall. Not for much. Their mother and her mother shop much better. We all know I am deficient, but I try.

Meantime, I have some chicken thighs, and a choice of corn tortillas or spaghetti and a casserole I can actually cut up and freeze and not waste.Hmmm.
Life is tasty.

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