Thursday, July 5, 2012

An embarrassment of peaches...and other things

Most of this week has been in the high 90s. I keep flashing back to last year with our absolutely diabolical run of 100+,100+, 100+....

This feels positively delightful.

The unwatered bermuda for the most part is still green, with a possibility of a rain in a few days. We are sliding back into drought again, but the difference is substantial.

Peaches! Peaches! more peaches! so sweet and juicy and good this year. The unexpected influx from other climes last week of really cheap fresh cherries had us rushing into the stores.

Berries grown here, smaller, but riper when picked are so very sweet. LOTS of sweet corn, tomatoes, beets. I had forgotten how good fresh beets are. Again, so sweet.

Some friends I know are growing what they call Israeli melons, very similar to cantaloupe, but more flavorful. You seem them in farmer's markets, but not the grocery stores. Maybe they don't keep well, I've noticed no difference.

Greens are cheap, and I am experimenting more with kale. It is milder than most greens, closer to zuchinni in flavor than say, spinach. Nice crunch.It is so good for us, and I like anything green. It is good for the eyes as well as the bones and heart. I found a recipe on the internet with chicken stock, navy beans and kale with some chopped fresh tomatoes, lots of garlic and Italian seasonings. Marvelously light in hot weather and low-cal as well.

I have a hankering for some potatoes with my left-over beef roast I cooked yesterday, maybe with some thin-sliced cucumbers and onions, chilled in a mix of apple cider vinegar and a little sugar, with a side of sliced tomatoes from the garden. I haven't fixed any blackeyed peas this year, but those would be especially good, as well, with the meal I mentioned.

And I love the squash and zuchinni. My zuchinni plants are getting large. I will see fruit start, then it disappears and I blame these dratted beautiful grasshoppers.

They are bad for the garden, but so gorgeous--a variety that is shades of gold, yellow and green. Formidable, though==they are even eating holes in the melons. My spearmint, which I love this time of year, is eaten down to the ground just when I most like to make it in my tea. My doctor just told me how he makes mohitos, and those sound good, too. The grasshoppers, however, have chomped it down. It will be back. I have a good patch of it.

I will be looking up more soup recipes with the abundant, cheap produce. Smoothies are great for breakfast with fresh fruit.

It is downright amazing I'm not losing much weight , but I know why. Quantity. I am enjoying this fresh produce hugely. Pun intended.

This summer is so wonderful after last year. No major wildfires here, though I have kept anxious eyes on the fire news for New Mexico, Colorado, even North Dakota. The weather patterns are changing, and we must adapt with it.

I don't meant to gloat over improved conditions here so much as I am celebrating. Last summer was so tough. The whole year was tough with the profound drought. More drought will be coming for all of us.

My sympathies to so many still without power in stifling heat.

So many have lost so much.

Still,I am thankful for this day, this goodness, these blessings.

Hope you can say the same.

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