Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Real Conflicts Behind A Family Christmas Holiday

I am dangerously close to going to the Dark Side and getting some sacks for my Christmas gifts.   It would say something I don't want said about my character.

See, there are fresh tree, artificial tree or no tree factions.

There are Christmas Eve opening presents and Christmas morning.

There's even Christmas Eve church service or forgedaboutit.

Let's see. Do you switch holidays with in-laws, if married? Do you go elsewhere or they come to you?

Do you spend the holiday alone and see the family on the closest weekend or? A,B, or C?

I was in line the other day with several rolls of wrapping paper that were now $1 each. The woman behind me and I shared Christmas cheerfuls.

She commented on the wrap, and I responded, "In our family, we wrap."

She nodded, in instant rapport. "Us, too. We had a new daughter-in-law who thought she would introduce those SACKS!  We changed her mind right quick! The daughter-in-law we've had for a while set her straight!"

And we both laughed wicked laughs.

And I thought, "What am I DOING?"

That was two days ago. I think, if I get these three hippopotamus-sized ones wrapped, I can tackle the others. But not now. no.

I'd rather write this.

Looking over the list of conflicts--and I never got to bread or cornbread dressing? Giblet or cream gravy?Sweet potatoes or russet (and I swear there's an Eastern seaboard movement to make us have to eat sweet potatoes! Yuck!)?  Skip traditional and we'll do what? Sushi? Brunch? Tamales? Rosemary chicken?  I remember one Thanksgiving we had fresh quail and grilled steak, rare. That was nice.

But those packages just sit there. Waiting.

I can procrastinate no longer. I Must Cut Paper and Use Cellophane Tape and Write Labels.

Merry Christmas.


clairz said...

Hi, Charlotte. There haven't been any posts here for a long time. I'm just wondering how you're doing, and sending greetings from southern New Mexico.
~Clair Z.

Anonymous said...

Miss you, Charlotte. I hope you're doing okay.