Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Are Introverts Sane?

I  think well. but not for computers.
And I wonder what will happen to thinkers like me.
We don't cogitate the same. We don't.
For those of us who grew up on computers, and programming, maybe it is better.
Maybe using computers at a young age aligns our minds to sequential and linear processing.
I have no idea if this is good or bad.
I know my thinking style is global. I will get to the same answer, but it won't be orderly. I really think, if I exist, then thinkers like me are valuable. I am a differential.

I gain weight easily. My metabolism is normal. Probably low normal.
What I know is, that while it would be lovely in an affluent society to be thin and easier if I burned off calories so easily I could eat cheesecake all day and be thin,  I am not like that. I can enjoy a small amount of food and function well. I suspect the difference is one reason homo sapiens has survived.
My descendants will get us through famine. We survive with less.
Someone who needs 5,000 calories a day to stay slender? Toast. But in war, in conflict, invaluable.
The variety of metabolisms, of strengths and weaknesses, mean a big cosmic picture of what mankind is.
I think well. but not for computers.
I don't know what will happen in the future.
There used to be space for dreamers, thinkers, introverts.
Now we wonder if introverts should be a mental aberration in society.
So far, we are safe. The latest copy of the DSM has refused to call us mentally disturbed.
There was discussion.

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