Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Mexico sunset

I want to draw attention to some extraordinary photography of an awe-inspiring New Mexico sunset.

Clairz put some exceptional pictures up.

I literally gasped when I saw these. And remember when you view: I could be there, seeing sights like these, but five faces I love keep me here.


clairz said...

Charlotte, how sweet of you to post this. However, I want to emphasize this: All I did was stand there (with my jaw dropped) and click the shutter and then transfer the photos to the computer. The sky was putting on that show for anyone to capture, and it was probably the most amazing show I've ever witnessed!

My neighbors stopped by yesterday to remind me to emphasize the "other side" of New Mexico, lest too many people come rushing over here. They especially wanted me to mention the scorpions, the tarantulas, and the rattlesnakes, LOL!

charlotte g said...

Clairz--YOU were the one who posted this. My readership won't feed your blog much. My son taught me how to do this, so I hope in future to add photos to my own blog. Your photography made me gasp. I go back to it again and just smile. I meant what I said. Today I saw four of the five faces I love, and that is why I am where I am.They don't make me gasp. I wish I could have both. But the love keeps me going. And your photos make me smile and glow.