Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Best of Holidays

How do I say this?

Life is GOOD.

LIFE is good.

For me, this year has been full of blessings So many, I can't count them. But you know what? We get them all the time, and so often, we don't count them or notice them. When we do--well.

I't's overwhelming.

I would say the same without the past two weeks. There's a Russian saying, "Pray to God, but keep rowing." You don't have to believe in God, though it is easier, but you do have to believe in the future, and you do have to keep rowing. I don't know which is the harder part.

I do know that optimism and hope has allowed me to do things in my life I thought logically were impossible, but with hope and faith, I did them. And I thought, "wow!" A little startled, a lot happy.
And on to the next challenge.

I have had a very ordinary life. Nothing spectacular. But, of course, very special to me, because it is mine.

About two weeks ago, I went in for my first mammogram in 25 years. My doctor explained that as I age, I am more vulnerable. So I went. And they found two spots in my right breast. I came in for a followup diagnostic. Without a database, they still couldn't tell, so I went in for a biopsy.

Results due in two to three working days. So at the end of two, I had no report. 80 percent chance benign. But by noon the next day, I was basically non-functional. Parrt of me looked at me, and thought that if it was malignant, I was still blessed. It had been caught early and would probably not be life-threatening. Exactly the purpose of mammograms. Still a blessing. Later I got the report. Benign, come in next year for the annual. NOW they have a database.

So, get your mammogram. But that's not really the purpose of this, although it is a part.

Keep rowing. I didn't on the mammograms, so a little extra.

I am having my family of five over for Thanksgiving dinner. Something I haven't done in a dozen years. So little. And so huge.

I've been exercising regularly. I've been eating right. I am not back to where I have been, butI am so thankful. My cup is so full. Even if the food stinks. But hey, there's optimsm here. So it probably won't.

Thanksgiving isn't about perfection. It is about gratefulness, for life, for those around us. Reach out as far as you can, the phone, or neighbor. Thankfulness is one of the best parts of being human,and of being an American. Being thankful is the best part of being alive.

Hey! better than sex! and I say that with true belief. To greet the day, being thankful for it--there really is nothing better.


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J.R.Shirley said...

Being thankful was a wonderful change in my life. I knew, when I first began being able to say, "I'm even thankful for x, since it led me here..." that my healing had truly begun.