Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rooting for the Cause for All of Us

You pick your battles. You fight your wars.

State Senator Wendy Davis from Fort Worth has picked her war. All I could do was call her state office and give my support.

She is fighting the most restrictive abortion policy in the country. It is inches from being approved, and she is filibustering. 13 hours. She cannot pee, drink or eat for the 13 hours she is on the floor.

The law would make every abortion clinic in the state meet daytime surgery restrictions. The cost would be exorbitant. It is not necessary medically. It would leave 5 of 42 clinics standing. Most of you have no idea how big Texas is. Think : five clinics for at least the entire Northeast and Carolinas. Sorry. Texas really is that big. You want to see this happen?

I don't.  And the only deterrant is a slender Texas woman who has to survive till midnight without food, water,or a bathroom.

For so many women, I hope she makes it. If she doesn't, she is still another Texas hero.


And she did with the help of two other women in the legislature.  All three fought hard for Texas women.  Now we are waiting to see if, with a very tight state budget, Gov. Rick Perry will call another emergency session to pass this bill.  If he does so, it is an egregious move.

He called the session. This man wants to win at any price.  What a travesty.

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clairz said...

And Wendy did it! Thank goodness this thing didn't succeed this time, but I'm worried about the next time. If you want to read an over-the-top opinion (yours was certainly stated more graciously) see Margaret and Helen: http://margaretandhelen.com/2013/06/25/women-in-texas-might-not-feel-it-now-but-glenn-hager-and-rick-perry-are-tyring-to-screwed-em/