Sunday, June 23, 2013

An Exuberance of Crepe Myrtles

Crepe myrtles always are nice plants. Well behaved, they don't spread where not wanted, they bloom on schedule, they even turn color  in the foliage in the fall. Lovely bushes that can range from four fee to 12 feet, depending on the plant.

This year in North Texas, they are fabulous.

The blooms are so heavy, I can see very little of the foliage. All over  town  the streets, gardens, public buildings, the crepe myrtles are startling in their beauty. Splashes of vivid pink, red, and purple all over the place.


The plants are rooted deep, so they can't dance around. This year, though, with massive bloom they are celebrating the rain, the long cool spring and the pleasant days. They are glowing with life, making us humans around them smile. Those that notice, at least. It literally puzzles me that so many don't look, don't see, don't care.  All of us are different. That's a wonderful thing.

All I have to do is look and listen. Beauty is around me all the time. I still remember a patch of clover one morning years ago  when I was so sad I thought I might die from it. The sun came out and here was a patch of clover with dew drops glistening in the sun, better than diamonds. And I stopped and just loved  that patch. I said thank you.

The rest of my day went better. I still hurt back then. The beauty of the clover and dew drops carried me through. That may not work for you. Something else does,   My suspicion is it has to be something using the five senses, because humans are hardwired for environment. Running, yoga, gardening, swimming, boating, shooting, hiking. Something physical. Something  that takes you into your surroundings while focusing on--something special.

 I have a friend who is so allergic to most growing things she cannot share my joy in flowers.  She's a wonderful cook and we both exult over wonderful vegetables. She doesn't know what she is missing.  I have monocular vision. I don't know what I miss either. My depth perception often sucks. Both of us celebrate what we can see, feel, experience.

For me the exuberance of the flowers this year is a reason for celebration.

Hope you notice something in your own life today, this week, this month, that makes your own life a celebration.  Look for it.

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