Friday, June 21, 2013

Past, Present Future, Always good, Present is Best.

Where are you in the ability to sympathize?

I am not trying to downgrade anyone. In our ability to support, we need to know what we can do.

We need to value, always, our ability to empathize or sympathize. If we can do either, we know other people who can hurt are around us. Some of us know this, but cannot feel it. That's sad. Because usually, it's not fixable.

If you feel it,if you know it, aw, maybe you can grow. And do something.

Then  some have been blessed with little loss, others with much more. Is losing a longtime dog friend equal to losing a human friend? I have lost both, and the human hurt so much more. I haven't lost a cat. Lost a horse once.

As we live, we lose, and we gain.

I miss people, animals I have lost, but they are part of how I love people, animals, in my future caretaking.

And present. Animals, people around me, Grass that needs to be cut, Herbs abundant, tomatoes making, grass to chop out and the world tomorrow to look forward to.

Today I am dealing with loss, with future, with present, with hopes,  with losses, with future anyway, with a present that is rich, laced with the richness of past friendships, gone, the hope of friendships, future, and their richness. The joy  of what I have. What buries the past and enriches the future.

The present is a joy of its own.

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