Saturday, February 9, 2013

Politics: negatative. Planting onions? one positive thing

The clouds are grey and pregnant with rain, we all hope will land on us.

We need the rain.

Texas legislature may actually look into adding a new lake of firming up the old structures this session. We Need More Water.

Have some chicken vegetable soup simmering with rosemary, basil and oregano.Sure smells good. Highs in the 40s. We are lucky down here. I actually have the back door open for light and freshness.

Never mind the almost 4,000 microunits of mountain cedar. I'm taking my meds.

For the sixth time since 1984, the courts have declared Texas school funding to be deficient in the amounts, and illegal in the system of distribution. Nothing changes. Except two years ago, the school districts really were raped. No payback. Any extra money will go to lakes.



A great state for corporations, but you may have to hire from out of state, which legislators don't mind--gives them more constituents. Many school systems within can't produce competitive personnel, education-wise.

I hate how it is. I can't see any way to change it.

Guess I'll go plant some onions.

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