Thursday, February 21, 2013

Noticing the Big in a Small Life

A friend of mine has been healthily dieting for months. She has lost 17 pounds. I learned this after she wore old pajamas a few days ago for a midnight snack. Walking back to her room, she tripped over the now drooping pajama leg, fell, and broke her clavicle.

I called to commiserate with the danger of more narrow hips. She sniffed.

"I'll just have to shorten the elastic on the waistband," she said.

Did I mention she is parsimonious?

I haven't had a cold in years. Allergies, yes. Cold, no. Think I got one after the kid last week sneezed in my face--one foot away-- three times while I changed his diapers. Allergies didn't help.

I'm better. Doing the soup kitchen tomorrow. Drinking a lot of homemade soup at home.

I love spending time with my fifth-graders. They are so smart. To my astonishment, they are beginning to retain. I wonder if that has anything to do with my loving them and teaching, but I don't know.

A 90-yr-old friend died Sunday and was buried yesterday. Short illness. She was already packed when she got sick enough to go. Metaphorical, people. I went by to see her the day before she died. She had that intent, peaceful appearance of someone busy leaving and "closing the office".
She was so at peace.

For so many, what a boring week. For me, almost transcendent.


Thank you, Jesus. Sincerely. Heartfelt.

My fifth grade granddaughter just brought over scratch gingerbread cookies she made, still warm.

Just when I think life is good, it gets better.(Oh, just yum!)
Quiet lives have many events of importance.

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