Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Making new friends, the best acquaintance with those not human.

I watched my first professional football game this season, and it was the Super Bowl. Surprisingly good and entertaining. I tried to watch commercials. I was struck by how many were CBS productions. Ads not very good.

I checked email during the half. The trailers for Beonce advertised a cooch show. Beonce is better than that, but that is what it was, I think. Sad about that.

Eldest Son asked backyard privileges for a friend's dog while they all went to Cabelas. Midsized, athletic dog and I worried. Right about that.I got home--no dog. Good dog, though, and loving. His owner had been traveling awhile, and the dog was glued to my son's front door, eyes on his master's truck.

I went inside and coaxed him in with treats. Matt's wife and kids breezed in.Family, Male, neutered tuxedo cat, T.C. watched awhile and then to my terror dropped to the floor and ambled to his food. Hey. The dog's name is Butcher! The two played until Butcher's dad arrived to pick him up.

Peace and Love in the Valley. ; )


clairz said...

Oh, my. Gotta love a dog named Butcher.

charlotte g said...

I wanted to send at least one of my dogs with his owner. Unfortunately, the dog I wanted to send Does Not Play Well With Others.
I am. I am going to start walking both. They are good dogs. They need more to do.