Saturday, December 1, 2012

Old-fashioned Christmas

Fifteen days to go.

My granddaughter was puzzled.

"Why don't you want to do Christmas now, Gramma?" she asks.

So I explained my history. How we always had fresh Christmas trees, and you couldn't set them up too early and...

That is not a lie. It is an obfuscation. I wonder how many of you even know what that is? I am startled to find how minuscule current conversations are. Obfuscation takes a lot of strokes. it would not be a popular word. It is accurate in this case.

To the subject: some of us who are used to shorter holiday seasons have not adapted to the current mode. I am one of them.

The fact that it is a religeous holiday for me is immaterial. Honey, some of the best shoppers I know go to my church, put up the tree Thanksgiving night and/or went shopping afterwards.

Dec. 15 is my deadline. Officially Xmas afterwards. Oh, I admit I am starting to shop next week. Hope I can still find a few good deals.

How do you endure it, society? I enjoy two weeks of celebration. A month? 2 months?
I am not debunking. I honestly don't understand. You do it your way.

Please let me do it my way.

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