Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas on a belated, low budget holiday

This year, I decided to be more sedate about Christmas. This is beyond taking it really seriously before Dec. 15.

My youngest granddaughter, 10, who I pick up everyday after school, is having a problem with that. She acknowledges that (since I got the darned thing Sunday) I have a wreath up. I bought a poinsettia from the school choir. It is prominent. I have a handcarved creche on the bookcase. I don't have lights. I haven't decided whether to assemble my short, lights attached tree. I am beginning to think I will. Oh, well.

This year, the 12-year-old, adept, son of the house directly across the strreet, decided he wanted a display. He put it all up. and I mean ALL. By day, the yard, and his grandparents' hedge looks, well, cluttered. At night, really gorgeous, ostentatious, and maverlously mesmerizing.There's music, too. some sort of chimes that includes a lot of real Christmas carols.

Since I seldom have the tv on, I hear it. Unobtrusive. kinda nice.

I think the juxtaposition between his independent-almost-teenager and myself is funny. Even in my gym, there is a Christmas tree and garlands.

But it is later into December now. I enjoyed shopping today. And where did all these kind, helpful folks come from? Sure, they were good salespeople and I bought, but they actually seemed to enjoy what they were doing. Hope they did. I did, too.

I haven't bought presents for the dogs per se. I measured Brody's chest so I can get him a walking harness. I renewed some chew toys and will continue to for the preservation of my home. And their enjoyment. (yes, I come first.)

I have a few books to buy, a book bag, and that is more or less it.

Why? because I am living within my income, and I can do things through the year. They all know they are loved.

I hope to get started walking the dogs and disciplining more. I accidentally let them spend one night on the bed. Doom. Later, war. Many assails. Last night I slept really well. Maybe I am really the Alpha.

I wish I knew how to video Gracie and Brody racing around the yard, jumping over each other and racing again. The joy of Corgis is, you can see them laughing. I am convinced it is not the looks. They laugh. So often on wakeup, Gracie has insisted I join them. They give me joy and laughter. They insist on snuggles. They lick, even when reprimanded. My new (cheap) blanket has a few 3-inch holes she has chewed and eaten. I can buy a new one and have enough to stay warm. And an new collar to replace the thin canvas Dollar Store one. It can't last forever.

Pecans off the neighbor's tree!

Next weekend,I think I will take these pecans, make Vienese crescent cookies, some fudge, and snickerdoodle dough and give some friends. Only a few. Most are either diabetic, gluten-free or non-something-or-other. If you know me and you are under 50, you could get lucky!

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