Sunday, December 23, 2012

Back after the holidays

I wrote half a blog earlier. My computer froze. I lost all of it. I didn't lose until recent updates which I don't know yet.

It is the holidays and I sprint, so have many things to finish. I have had to change passwords on three accounts recently. That takes time. I am baking, cleaning,wrapping, cooking. Also in my household, meditating, praying and working on my attitude.

Frankly, this is more important than the tech I'm sorry I don't post more.

I am delighted with my developing Christmas holiday.

It's after midnight and I have to sleep. I have a volunteer gig in the morning.

If you read me, I wish you well, good week.

We'll talk later. After I walk the dogs.

Merry Christmas.
And please hope with me where Gracie is getting out of the yard. She loves it. I don't. She scares me to death

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clairz said...

Merry Christmas! You are an inspiration, as always.