Sunday, December 23, 2012

I have a chocolate pecan pie in the oven, a gazillion gifts to wrap, more baking and cooking to do.I will not get it all done in the usual way. I always come up with lastminute shortcuts that work.

Wonder how I'll handle this one?

I wish for better articulation personally for Christmas. I've listened to a fair amount of classical music this past week. Mostly watched the weather and 6 pm news, which is all local. I do know the difference between opinion and news. I want a peaceful existence for now.

And I am getting it. Sometimes late at night, my neck of the woods has very little light. The night sky is full of stars. Gives me a very real sense of my place in the universe.

I have small gifts this year. I actually started buying them before Dec. 15. Not wrapping, of course. Late enough the Christmas music didn't grate.

And so, bobbing along, taking a great deal of solitude for the season, I'm he

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