Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Gracie Thinks I Need to Become More Active

My last blog was written with an IT on board. He needed some sentences to see what I needed to do to paragraph. I let 'er rip. I was more irate at my machine and its systems than I can remember being at a human being in years. More irate than I was later at Gracie.

For the first time, Gracie chewed on my wiring. My mouse wouldn't work, and she dented the coupling for the extension cord. I was sitting here typing while she did it. It took two tries at two stores to get everything, but I got it, and now my computer works again. You probably don't understand. Sometimes I feel a huge thrill of achievement when I screw in light bulbs.

When I couldn't send an e mail with attachment on Friday, I assumed it was some Windows 7 thing I didn't know. Turned out to be the software in my new computer. Microsoft techs fixed it, but only after I bought a year's contract for IT protection. I'm paying for it, so I'm going to ask every stupid question I have for as long as I have it. And I already have used it three times. That's with losing a day and a half to Gracie. I type my question in, I can't see their eyerolls, and I get an answer I can use. Not so bad.

 I tried Microsoft for Dummies once, but it was over my head. So at last a happy solution.I still don't like this--seems to me I have more buttons to click to do the same thing. I'm not alone, I hear. A lot of writers, in particular, are going back to typewriters. Easier. You can think about what you want to say more than how you produce it.

  Oh,just give me
A simple life
With a working computer
And a lot less strife.


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