Friday, April 27, 2012

A 15=minute Picture of a Woman and Two Dogs

Yes, I realize I've been a little slow to get to the phone at home lately. No,, I don't carry it on me.  Too many accidental calls to people I don't know my phone is calling. 

The main reason I am slower, though, is that I have become a leader. Not always a willing one, but a leader. One dog on my left heel, one on the right, sometimes crossing in the middle. It takes some nimbleness to weave my way around and over them.  Where I go, they follow. Sat down to write just now.

Two dogs plopped on the floor between me and the door. I forgot my reading glasses. Found them. Started back to the computer. Whoops, no, I want a drink of water. The two dogs exchanged glances and followed.

While I got the water, they stood at attention. We were, after all, in the kitchen. Where the FOOD is. I have been capricious enough to give them chew strips for no apparent (to them) reason. I started back to the computer. They trotted slowly ahead, trying to guess just which room I might be going to. They stopped dead in the hall between the two rooms. I had to go around.  They followed. I sat. They sat. They flopped and closed their eyes. 

I had forgotten a book I wanted. I got up again.  They startled, scrambled, and got to their feet.. They staggered around between me and the door. Again, I danced through and they followed. And followed me back. And flopped again.

Just then, my granddaughter came in. They abandoned post and flew to her side.She turned on the tv after finishing her chores, and the dogs sighed in relief. At last  a Someone who knew what she was doing and stayed put, leaving only to get her snack in the kitchen where the FOOD is.  They will stick with her until she goes home for the day or goes outside to play. To my dogs, she makes sense. I am wearying.

Oh, I know. A really good leader would run my troops through their paces  till they will sit, stay, and heel on command. That will improve my speed to the phone.
Probably a good enough reason to do it.

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