Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ah, Wheatsworth, I have loved you so


I got bad news today. Actually, I persisted till I got the news, because I suspected it.

Nabisco has quit making Wheatsworth crackers. I have half a sleeve left. After that none. Forever.


I have bought other crackers, and in my dark suspicion, even bought another similar cracker the other day, but nope. Not the texture. Not the same thickness nor taste. Not my cracker.

I don't want buttery or pretzel tasting, except at a party maybe. Cheese nips or some sort for a snack rarely. Sweet? cracker? Blech.

Nope. A wheatsworth cracker loaded with a slice of pepper jack and a cherry tomato half was just so good. With peanut butter to eat with yogurt for breakfast. With soups and stews. Wheatsworth, you were my constant companion.

And now I must go on. Without Wheatsworth.

I will soldier on.

My life is a happy one. It will continue to be. But I will miss my cracker.

Things will never be the same.


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