Friday, November 22, 2013

November in NorthTexas will Never Be Solved

November is one of the fun months about Texas.

There's a saying, that if you don't like the weather wait five minutes and it will change..

Huh. I've lived here since 1961, and that has NEVER been true in July or August.

November, now. November has possibilities.

Today it was cold, wet and near freezing, 50 years from the death of a president that was commemorated today. 

That day was sunny, short-sleeved weather. It wasn't hot, though I have been sunburned in late November. It was clement, then.  A lovely,, clement, brilliant day.

Today is nothing of the kind.  It is a nasty day, dark clouds, spitting rather than actually raining icy drops. Raining would be more mannerly. Not freezing, just threatening to. One degree off.  No clemency.

I usually let my eldest granddaughter set her schedule. Today, I told her I was picking her up after school and I was sorry if this interfered. I texted all this. I hope some of you are impressed. I knew by texting before the bell rang I would not get her into trouble if she didn't read till after the bell.

Anyway, both girls were glad to go home.

Tomorrow promises to be much the same, eroding into Sunday, We are going into sleet and snow.

One of my favorite Thanksgiving memories is  eating  Thanksgiving dinner outside when the trees hadn't turned and the grass was green and the honeysuckle still smelled sweet, and I worried about a sunburn. Another Thanksving was a wintry day when it sleeted, we had a wood fire blazing, and cozily sat inside.

November is like that in North Texas.

Oh, God, I love it.

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