Saturday, January 26, 2013

There are jungles, then the Internet.

I have never been many places in this beautiful world. I would like to. That means physically going there for the experience I want.

Computer excellence is a desire I probably never will fulfill. The bar changes so often. Some of you are adept. and honey, some of it is about age, but not all. Not all minds are computer oriented. Never have been. Never will be. Some of these persons will create great things.

Going to foreign lands means exposure to danger. So does the extended use of a computer. I  work with feral, homeless people. I deal with children. All of this is volunteer. Certainly, anything on my computer is voluntary as well.

Diseases from the children can be a concern as we age. So can illness in the uninsured. Okay/

But I use my computer every day andexpect peace. And this is where I have been attacked again and again. I think I am careful. But I am technolexic. I am fooled. So far I've won, I'm not stupid.
I  have a year's contract with Enbay Recovery. best money I ever spent.

They save my lunch, readjust my fonts, clean the viruses. yeah. I have security, too.

I am not afraid on the streets. I am afraid on the computer.

I understand the streets.

The computer is dangerous. I guess I like it. Otherwise I wouldn't blog.

I had an email problem tonight and went on the internet and called a number that seemed legitimate. It was a scam. I recognized it and exited. I went to my security force. I'm so tired of this.

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