Monday, January 28, 2013

Nothing Special. Just A Nice Day

The grandkids and I ran some errands, took  their uncle some food Saturday after he had a minor surgery on Friday and was told to stay home and relax.On our way back, eldest grannddaughter asked if we could find an empty parking lot for her to practice driving for a little while.  We checked out two, and one was barricaded. The second was full of cars. She was disappointed.

"Just think,Gramma." she said. "Next year you won't have to take me back and forth so much. You'll be free."

I laughed. Some of my best times are when we go back and forth to her ensemble practice,  tennis matches, go to functions at school together.  Somehow, kids  talk more in a car. At their house or even at mine, we are usually doing something else and there's not much conversation.

I like conversation, I am widely known for this trait.

Her little sister sighed. It will be so long before she's in high school and driving, she said. Four years. Well, yeah. It's about 1/4 of her lifetime away. For me, it's no time at all. About 1/20th of my life. Her life is ascending. Mine is more or less gibbous.

(We have a gibbous moon tonight. A fine sight. Nothing wrong with a beautiful, golden gibbous moon.)

I am enjoying these kids so much.  As I age, I enjoy children and teenagers more and more. They are so fresh, often so witty and funny. They can be kind and sweet.

We stopped at a favorite  Mexican restaurant for food, and the eldest ate an amazing amount.  She is  a lovely girl, so active her arms and legs are rock hard. I have noticed usually she is careful about what she packs for lunch--turkey on whole grain, bell pepper strips, maybe some trail mix and fruit.

This was a splurge day.  Nothing special.  Just a few happy hours with people I love.

It can get fancier, and does. It doesn't get better.

Laughter and fun with people we love is just the best.


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