Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Moving with the Times

My son and his wife head in opposite directions tomorrow. One going to Blogorado, and it is so good for him. One going to a family wedding south of here, and it is so good for her.

Meantime, since I thought I could manage the school schedule online this term, I didn't realize until today the next two school days are half days, and Monday is a holiday. Did they give Columbus Day off years ago?

Those sneaky kids.

Actually, given the high-schooler's band practice, early tennis practice and away game for the marching band, I won't see my high-schooler after--no, before--dawn on Friday.


Then she has a band competition and I am praying she's right that she doesn't have to be there till 10 on Saturday. The kid needs to sleep sometime. She needs carbs and protein. and a coat. Grandma kicking in along with the first Norther, dropping daytime temps to low 60s and overnight to 40s this weekend.

Younger granddaughter with a lovely sleepover birthday party with pickup at her home. Return the next morning. No problem if a parent were home. Problem. Of 4 of us, I am the only church verger available Sunday for three services to prepare communion. And this matters.

So I am trying to RSVP  the mother having the party. Her phone has been uaccessible today, but I hope we connect.

It will all straighten out.

Boy is this different from crayons, Coco Puffs (ha! never did) and a visit to the park!

I feel like I'm growing up all over again. Third time.

Will it take?


clairz said...

We had a couple of our grandchildren with us for several weeks this summer. In spite of all the activities we planned, they always looked like they were having a terrible time and I was at my wit's end (and tired, too, from all the activities!). However, when we took them home they couldn't stop raving to their sister and brothers about all the fun they had. Go figure.

I'm just not the grandma I had hoped I'd be. I sure do admire your grandmotherly abilities!

charlotte g said...

I wish I were, too, Claire! When their parents ask, I think all they say is "fine." I don't have to find stuff mostly, just keep up and cheuffer. And cook the occasional meal or two. oh, and keep supples of fresh fruit, carrots and Greek yogurt on hand. (girls,y'know).