Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Life is Good, and often Interesting

"my life is a river,
strong, and deep and wet,
I don't know where it's going yet,
But it goes, it flows,
And it grows."

An effort that didn't pan out 40 years ago, nearly. It still reasonates with me. Life and water are connected, so are currents. So is not knowing, and watching it grow anyway. So it is, for the author, insightful doggerel.

I kind of want this to be bits and pieces. We'll see what I have.

A pet shelter in the Metroplex became famous for a cat named Skinny that weighed 41 pounds. The shelter got worldwide requests for the cat, simply because the cat weighed 41 pounds.

The worldwide requests came from people who thought the cat was funny, unique, and they might make her fatter in some cases. She went to a cat rescue group that specializes in overweight cats. This one will be a challenge.


What do you do when the new staff for your specialist screws up the paperwork for your labs before you see the doctor, so you have to postpone the visit?

Well, I've been seeing the doctor for a year, quarterly, and the old staff didn't screw up. So when I had to reschedule, I asked that the lab slip be mailed to me, and asked what went wrong...pleasantly. Nonhostile.

I found out their computer program had gone down halfway for a week, and the two new people are just that, new, and they were so very sorry. Sure enough, the next day the staffer got the lab sheet to me, I've gone in, and my appointment with the doctor is Thursday.

I love it when civility and empathy work just as well, probably better, than rudeness and snarling. It certainly is better for my karma.


I had to laugh when I dropped my granddaughter off for band practice in the late afternoon recently. Temp was in the high 80s, and starlings crave shade just as much as the rest of us, and apparently love community as well. The shady sides of the big SUVs were packed with birds. Like, this was the big party scene. Not so much on the shade of the Hondas. A few, not many. With birds, it can't be the costlier shade. I wonder if the denser bodies of the SUVs make the shade cooler? Or just a bigger area to partay?


My new high school student granddaughter is very busy these days, and she is getting more private with her thoughts. While I miss more freedom of communication, what I am struck by is that I am one of three persons she has unfailing available, one or another of us, for transport to this, that or the other. She usually asks ahead. She always says thank you. Usually followed by "I love you."
Oh, wow, oh wow oh wow.

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