Friday, February 24, 2012

The Smell of Spring is Different in North Texas.

I went to the store today--some ranchland on the trip.

I bet there were 7 dead skunks who had sprayed ther last surprise dead on the side of the road. This is 5 miles, folks.

I used to joke about all the male skunks being on one side of the road and all the females on the other. That was sexist of me. Both genders fall equally in lust. And seek each other. And tragically, as one gender or the other crosses the Farm-to-Market road, one of them dies. and sprays.

Lord, Lord, it's early spring in North Texas. The pungent scent of dead skunks by the highway emphasizes it. Underlines it. cough, cough. Makes it hard to breathe.
It will get better, and we will have a boatload of baby skunks. They are so cute, with their top hair curling into their eyes.

Skunks, coyotes, raccoons, beavers, possoms, squirrels, mice and rats--they all do well in urban settings, especially Texas. A bobcat has been killing chickens only a mile from here.

I remember sitting in a car watching the street traffic in downtown Fort Worth years ago and realizing i saw a subculture that those of us walking through back to the office never saw. This is the same.

How did I get to this oh, yeah, the harbinger of spring in North Texas is the smell of skunks sprayed.


It gets better, honey, it gets better,

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