Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Affordable and Free add Quality to Living

I have been pleasantly astonished through the years that national parks and monuments continue to be priced where most of us can afford to go. Pessimistically, with all the frantic beaureacratic pawing for change under the sofa cushions, I keep waiting for the prices to go up.

Not this year, though--it's an election year.

Actually, we still have a fair number of free activities we can enjoy. Parades are one of my favorites.

With a goodly supply of universities and community colleges in the area, the Dallas-Fort Worth area has quite a few free art shows, science exhibits, and concerts both indoors and out. As do all cities, we have public gardens available for all. This is one of my favorite times to go to the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens or the Dallas Arboretum. The Arboretum has a modest charge for its Dallas Blooms extravaganza, understandable with the massed colors of thousands of daffodils, iris, pansies, and azaleas, to name a few.

It is good walking weather in the Metroplex. The unusually warm winter is bringing out early blooming Bradford pears and budding redbud trees, wild plum and dogwood. We have some new light rail facilities which are making it easier to get around in this heavily congested area.

The word "always" is not one we can use very often any more in a rapidly changing world. Sometimes, though, we still run across delightful opportunities that are free or very affordable even in a world of hurt.

That makes me thankful. And that lifts my spirits.

More thankfulness. And so it goes.


clairz said...

I have been marveling at the wonderful activities available to us here in Las Cruces. Some are free, and some are pretty darned reasonable. Add in special senior discounts, and we are very grateful to have so many choices of things to do. As you say, living in a university town is a great plus, too.

charlotte g said...

I wrote a letter to the local paper which was vetted today. I get the impression a lot of you go out for the great free stuff. Not always so here and that is such a shame. Yeah! University towns rock!