Thursday, February 2, 2012

Rain, rain, beautiful rain

The 4.5 inches of rain last week at my home was actually more in some North Texas places and filled a number of lakes by at least a foot.

I don't know if it was the long absence of roads flooding that caused so many errant drivers stalling out in four feet of water ormore, but parts of the Metroplex had their share. Reporters interviewing hapless drivers afterwards got inarticulate responses to the effect they did not think it would be as deep if they just drove slowly. I scratched my head over that one but heard the response from at least three persons.

Then there was the optimistic man who had to be rescued by the fire department from his car stranded in about four feet of water and didn't seem to understand that the water had to recede considerably before a tow truck could rescue it.

So the fire truck was heading back to the station when they learned this literally cockeyed optimist had gotten back to his car, was soaking wet in 42 degree temps and needed rescuing again.

They did pull him out the second time, this time adding a ticket for their trouble.
He declined interview, I believe....

This morning, however, the severe drought designation was lifted for the North Texas area I live in. That's good news, and rain is forecast again tonight and for tomorrow. However, a dry spring is also forecast so Stage One drought precautions (watering twice a week max) is staying in effect for most of the area.

Amazingly, January was the wettest one on record, starting 2012 off right so far as most of us are concerned. It is 72 degrees today as well. Last year on this date, we had ice, snow, a low of 13 and a high of 20 degrees.

Texas Monthly magazine noted that in the last 20 years, Texas has had 18 wildfires that singly burned more than 50,000 acres each. To give you an idea how bad the past year was, six of those 18 huge wildfires occurred between April and November.

What will happen in February? No one knows. It's the iffy part of the year. We've had snows in March. On the other hand, two or three years ago we had our first 100 degree day in April.

Poor Jerry Jones and Cowboy Stadium. This year would purely have been a beautiful one for the Super Bowl. Heard today the weekend will see four hotwings devoured for every man, woman and child in the country. Not sure I believe that, but if so, someone is getting a double portion on my behalf.

I can literally think of only one couple I know well who will A)give or attend a party and B) watch the game. The rest of us plan other stuff Sunday afternoon.
Especially if it's a sunny afternoon.

Maybe we all ought to be investigated.

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